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Welcome to Vicotex Corporation

Vicotex SA incorporated company, based in Pully near Lausanne, Switzerland, was founded in 1980.

Vicotex SA is today a dynamic and diversified business concern, involved in a range of national and international activities. For example registered trademarks VicoLab® Silicone, CLUB PRICE CPS®, Vico-Optique.

The company deals with every demanding requests with Professionalism and a commitment to excellence.

Our company guarantees personalized and special attention to his customers and business partners. Vicotex SA expertise and experience helps you to get on with your business needs.

Vicotex SA is an active member of the Lausanne Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Our group's business liaisons include a network of leading financial and industrial concerns from around the world.

Our organizational structure is flexible enough to meet the business requests of quality conscious and we have the most effective solutions.

Therefore, if you wish to become a customer, a business partner or for whatever business co-operation contact your reliable and effective company: Vicotex SA without delay.

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